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Taral V can be a tough cookie to crack at times for all sorts of Star Wars the Old Republic players but with this TARAL V guide for SWTOR you will have no trouble. This way you can go about completing Taral V by just planning ahead on some few basic things. The guide simply tells you about the enemies encountered here which you can check on the official SWTOR wiki and you will figure out how to kill these guys with ease. Now let’s get ready to dominate Taral V in Star Wars The Old Republic.

The Guide Part 1

Handler Gattan

As his name suggests, the handler has pets- two Vinecats that you will have to fight during this battle. Gattan’s cats will attack random party members and they are immune to crowd control.

Captain Shivanek

Next up is the Captain and he will summon a companion, “Ripper”, a champion mob to fight with him after the encounter is started. The easiest approach to this one is to have the tank kite Ripper away from your group while everyone focuses their fire on Captain Shivanek.

Doctor Zahren

Next we have Doctor Zahren who also has some help around his lab that he will bring to the fight. The specimens in the lab tanks around the doctor will be summoned every so often during the fight.

Part 2


Now we have PD-44. There are no ads and it’s a basic tank-and-spank fight.

General Edikar

The final boss is the hardest (as is typical)- this is General Edikar. When you first enter his room, he will send 4 normal-strength turrets around him.

Bonus- Lord Hasper

There is also a bonus boss in a room near PD-44 that is very challenging, especially for under-geared groups. Keeping all of the above in mind whilst you play, you will have no problems when fighting through Taral V with your gang. So if you want to finally beat Taral V, this SWTOR Guide will save your life.